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Demand banking for all businesses

Our current financial system pushes cannabis businesses into a cash-only struggle due to conflicting laws. The SAFE Banking Act fights for banking access, reducing criminal vulnerability and risks of cash dealings. Big banks' refusal just keeps the system murky. This legislation is about regulatory clarity, ensuring fairness for legalized cannabis. Aligned with justice and equity, it smashes barriers, champions transparency, and creates an inclusive financial system. Let's stand up for these businesses, break the status quo, and build a financial system that truly works for everyone.

H.R.2891 & S.1323: SAFE Banking Act of 2023

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Plant Medicine

Veterans deserve to have access to plant medicine

The VA Medicinal Cannabis Research Act is a game-changer in tackling the VA's opioid reliance. It's time to smash the outdated ban on plant medicine, especially cannabis, within the VA. This legislation boldly demands in-depth studies on how cannabis can heal veterans with PTSD or chronic pain. The VA system's rigid stance on plant medicine needs a wake-up call. This bill is that call, urging comprehensive research and offering alternatives to the opioid crisis. With a commitment to diverse representation, it ensures benefits for all veterans. Let's revolutionize veteran healthcare, ditching old norms for progressive, inclusive approaches that prioritize our heroes' well-being.

S. 326: VA Medicinal Cannabis Research Act

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No One Should Be In Prison for Marijuana

Join us in supporting mission of the Last Prisoner Project. Donating to the Last Prisoner Project is a crucial step in the fight for justice, especially for those imprisoned due to non-violent cannabis offenses. Your support empowers the organization to provide legal representation, advocacy, and reentry assistance, ensuring the release and successful reintegration of individuals unfairly incarcerated. By backing LPP, you actively contribute to dismantling oppressive structures within our legal system and advocate for comprehensive criminal justice reform. It's an investment in a more equitable future, aligning with the urgent need to address outdated laws and policies affecting those disproportionately impacted by cannabis-related offenses.

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