The Duet: Pre-Sale Now Available!


This All-in-One dual-chambered grinder, integrated scale, and cone packing device allows you to create your perfectly curated experience. No matter if you're a seasoned roller or new to the benefits of cannabis, the intuitive design and data-driven insights make it easy to create the perfect pre-roll. The Dual-chambered design allows for the blending of herbs to explore your own custom blends with the press of a button.

Step 1: Load your cone  
Step 2: Set your desired weight  
Step 3: Get your pre-roll

Device Specs: 8.5”W x 8"L x 13.75”H  

The Duet comes with: 
- 2 containers

- 1 pre-roll box with 7 king-sized cones 
- Brush for cleaning 

All orders will ship in 12 weeks from date of purchase. 

The Duet
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